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    Shenzhen Kunsheng environmental protection machine Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of surface treatment of the whole plant equipment and prevention of environmental pollution equipment manufacturers. In 1998 by the relocation of Taiwan to the mainland Shenzhen, the introduction of state-of-the-art human resource management model in Japan, Taiwan, and improve the employment mechanism, attracted a large number of senior management, advanced technology and talents to join.
    Kun Wah Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City
    Tel :0769-81607815, 81607825
    Fax :0769-81607835
    mail: ks@szkunsheng.com
    URL: www.szkunsheng . com
    address: Dongguan City An Zhencai fourth industrial zone housing
    友情鏈接: 佛山不銹鋼  深圳公司注冊  佛山網站仿制  LED顯示屏 
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